Trailer Alert! Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promo Spot Released

I got sucked right in to Once Upon a Time last season and waited with baited breath until word came down that it would be renewed for a second season.  Of course the network decided to wait until the 11th hour before spilling the beans, but all that matters is that the show would return for a second season.  Well, that second season kicks off at the end of the month we finally get a peek at what’s to come.

If you remember, last season ended with magic coming back to Storybrooke and along with it came everyone’s memories.  I’m pretty sure that’s going to result in a lot, and by a lot I mean pretty much the whole town, being angry at Regina for one thing or another.  But will that really matter if she’s able to wield magic again?  Also, her only formidable foe is Mr. Gold, but he’s only in it for himself.  Will having Beauty back in his life make any difference at all?  And what of all the new characters that will be coming on board?  Captain Hook?  Is that Mulan I see?  Word on the street is that we’ll also get to see Princess Aurora, Sir Lancelot and probably a host of others as well.  All of that is fine and dandy, but I have one question…..will Graham be back as the Huntsman?  That’s all I need to know.  Jamie Dornan was awesome and I missed his character once Graham died.  C’mon writers….you can bring him back.  I know there’s a way!

Anyhoo…..I am super excited for the new season!  I’ll be posting recaps like I did last season so be on the look out for those.  They will be posted here on ReelGoddess as well as  Check out the new season two promo below and let me know what you hope to see this season.

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC on Sunday September 30th.

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