The Goddess Goodie Wrap – 6/1/12

Well hello you.  Yes, yes, I know it’s been a while since we last saw each other but I’m back to start June off right with a Goodie Wrap.  It’s even and extended Goodie Wrap at that and I know at least three people who will be happy.  At least they better me.  You know who you are!  Enjoy!

Star Trek Beach Towels:

With how hot it’s going to be where I live today you’d think that summer was already upon us.  Alas, it is still only spring, but summer is fast approaching.  Which means it’s time to hit the pool, beach, lake or whatever body of water you choose to cool yourself off in.  As long as it’s not canals.  Because they’re unsafe….and gross.  Anyhoo….you probably need to stock up on beach towels right?  Well then, you need these Star Trek insignia beach towels.  They’re functional AND full of win.  I’d actually use them as a bath towel.  As the Kid at home would say “set your phasers to fun” and order one or three of these now. (via Think Geek)


Darth Vader Stressball

If you work in an office there’s a good chance that your office has an assortment of stressballs lying around.  My desk has two; one is an eyeball and the other is a cow.  I’d shun them both for this one.  How good would it feel to squeeze the crap out of Darth Vader’s head?  Pretty darned good I think.  What would be even better than squeezing it, is throwing it at unsuspecting co-workers.  Now that’s some tomfoolery I can get behind.  I really think someone missed the mark though by not making a Death Star Stressball. (via Big Bad Toy Store)

Geeky Invites

Themed weddings are becoming more and more common.  Happy couples are deciding to be daring with their engagement photos, wedding cakes and invites.  Now there’s a site devoted to geeky invites and I have to say, if a wedding were in my near future, I’d totally buy my “save the date” and wedding invites from here.  You can choose from different themes like Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Game, Doctor Who and even The Legend of Zelda.  Why go for the standard stuff when you have a chance to really stand out?  (via Geekvites)


Iron Man Scooter

This picture really doesn’t need much intro.  It’s awesome.  I love it and would totally scoot around town on this.  Of course I’d be worried about parking it anywhere for fear of it being stolen.  It’s pretty rad though no? (via Nerd Approved)


Redshirt Card Game

All Star Trek fans know what it means to be a Redshirt.  In short, it means death.  They’re called the “random ensign” in my house but their fate is the same.  The Redshirt is the random guy or gal who inevitably gets killed first.  Be it on an away mission, or during some ship catastrophe.  Now it’s become a game.  Not a drinking game, although that would be fun, but a card game.  The goal is to kill off all your Redshirts, and in doing so, win the game.  This is totally a card game I can get behind and I may need to pick this up for house game night.  We’ve played the Pirates of the Caribbean Life game one too many times and it’s time for something different. (via Think Geek)

Battlestar Galactica USB drive

Yes, yes, we all know I’m a sucker for anything BSG related.  So of course when I saw this, I had to put it in the Goodie Wrap.  This baby is a 4GB USB drive that I think would work perfectly for all the stuff I don’t need to put on a USB.  If this thing is anything like its namesake, it’ll still work after going to hell and back.  Which is good to know considering the items in my bag take a beating on a daily basis. (via Big Bad Toy Store)

This week on Etsy…

Once again I’m amazed by what one can find on Etsy.  This week I came across Etsy seller Sarah Allen’s store, Modern Home Prints.  She’s got all sorts of fantastic geeky stuff for your walls ranging from Star Wars to Bioshock.  I love the prints that she makes for a baby’s nursery.  The Chewie print below is my favorite.  Check out her stuff here. (via Etsy)

Etsy seller Alexandra Minsterketter must really love Super Mario Bros.  She’s got an Etsy store called Basement Invaders where she sells hand painted everything.  Glasses, plates, bowls, candle holders, earrings, you name it.  And the majority of it is Mario related.  Take these wine glasses for instance.  They’re rather fun yeah? (via Etsy)


Star Trek Mug Comes Complete with Sound Effects

Even though I have a hatred for all things knick-knackey, I do love a good novelty item.  Unfortunately I don’t have the space or the tolerance for clutter to collect much of anything.  Although Man Roomie would disagree.  He thinks we have entirely too many coffee mugs.  So I guess there is a collecting thing going on there.  But it’s not intentional, I swear.  Of course, because this thing is Star Trek, and it’s cool and it makes noise I feel the need to own this.  I just wonder what sound it makes? The warp drive? The theme? The doors?  Someone…anyone…order this and let me know! (via Entertainment Earth)


You Play the Game of Thrones, You Win or You Die

I had to throw this in here mainly because well…’s cake.  And since the second season finale of Game of Thrones airs on Sunday, the timing was perfect.  I love the detail on the throne.  I can’t imagine the time or patience it took to create this, but the fact that it looks like it’s covered in blood just makes it that much more perfect.  If you’ve followed the show you know there has been much blood spilled over that uncomfortable hunk of steel and this cake is a perfect representation of it.  (via That’s Nerdalicious)

Premium Rush Trailer

Normally I have a fun video but today I’m leaving you with a trailer instead.  There was a trailer for this film, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ages ago, but not much else has been said about it since.  JGL stars as a bike messenger in NYC who picks up a package that draws the interest of a crooked cop, played by Michael Shannon.  MS chases JGL through NYC and I’m assuming all hell breaks loose.  It looks like it’s going to have loads of action and chase scenes and I really like JGL so yeah, I’ll definitely see this.  Premium Rush hits theaters on August 24, 2012.


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