The Goddess Goodie Wrap – 9/16/11

What a week! True Blood is done for the season, Entourage is done period..unless there is a movie of course.  Warrior is still weighing on my mind and Contagion isn’t.  I survived the mini-heat wave we had here last weekend and I’m crossing my fingers that fall will actually make its way to us soon.  Nothing can deter me from the Goodie Wrap however.  More Star Wars (I know, I know) along with some Back to the Future and dinosaurs.  It’s a treasure trove for sure.

Nike MAG

Were you one of those kids who saw Back to the Future II and just HAD to have a pair of those Nikes that Marty wore?  Well, now you can.  For a limited time, these shoes, that are based on the original pair worn in the film, can be yours.  Of course the only way to get them is to bid on them on EBay.  And they aren’t cheap.  But can you really put a price on something like this? (via EBay)(Thanks Augustine!)

R/C Dinosaur

Is it wrong to want this just so I can torment my cat?  Actually I’m not sure how she would react to this.  She doesn’t much care for the stuffed monkey we have and attacks it regularly.  However she runs from the hand held vacuum.  Perhaps I should just get it to “try it out”.  Muuhahaahahahah! (via Think Geek)

Amazing Photo Manipulations

Erik Johansson is a Swedish photographer and photo retoucher who should really just re-brand himself as an artist.  Several of his pictures were sent to me via email (thanks Shanny!) and after looking at them, I felt compelled to share.  His work is amazing and those drones that are stuck in the back of Hollywood production studio offices who churn out bad Photoshopped posters like the new Breaking Dawn poster should really take note.  Actually someone needs to hire this guy to do movie posters stat! (via Erik Johansson)


Stormtrooper Sneaker Helmet

Talk about creative.  We know that the Star Wars sneaker line from Adidas is actually pretty cool.  This takes it to the next level by creating a Stormtrooper Helmet out of a pair of sneakers.  It’s actually a pretty damned good replica and can be yours.  It’s listed on EBay and at the time of writing this, is posted at $310. (via Fashionably Geek)


Photos That Made Me Laugh

These may be on the dumb side, but they all made me laugh.  Especially the Uncle Ben one.  I cackled at that and still do every time I think about it.

Best. Pinata. Ever!

This takes some serious creativity.  I love it!  Ok, pinatas are fun.  Especially if you have some pent-up aggression you need to work out.  What I really love about this is the accents that surround it in the form of X-Wing and Tie Fighters.  The price tag is a little steep, but your kid would be the coolest if this was at his/her party.  (via That’s Neralicious)



There is no other reason for me to include this in today’s Goodie Wrap aside from the fact that it makes me laugh.  Every.  Single.  Time.  This song is great for those long distance jogs although my tempo gets thrown off when it pops up on the iPod because I start to giggle.

Random News & Tidbits

Warning: looking at this photo will immediately clog your arteries.  This is wrong on so many culinary levels.

Good customer service is slowing going the way of the dinosaur.  Luckily there are still glimmering examples of good, even great customer service.  Now only if Target, and Best Buy and oh I don’t know, every store at the mall would follow suit.

This is the best video clip ever! I’ve been told this is the new RickRoll.  Whatever….Chuck Norris for the win!

Reading Rainbow was a staple for a lot kids during its 21 season run.  It was a sad day when that show went off the air.  If you’ve missed it, never fear! Levar Burton is back with the next gen Reading Rainbow.

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