The Goddess Goodie Wrap – 7/1/11


Another week in the books folks.  And it’s a holiday weekend.  Can’t beat that right?  So let’s kick off this weekend right with the latest Goodie Wrap.  Wanna see some rad cakes and Captain Kirk arm wrestle himself?  Then you should proceed immediately.


Dr. Who Goo

Ok so technically this is actually called “The Flesh” Good Pod.  But I like Dr. Who Goo better.  If you watched the last two episodes of Dr. Who this season then you know all about The Flesh.  The gooey stuff that replicates people.  Pretty nasty right?  I won’t spoil anything in case you still have it on your DVR.  If you have an itch to own your very own Flesh goo, now’s your chance.  It even comes in a TARDIS and also includes random body parts.  That bit is a tad creepy.  I’m just sayin’.  (via BigBadToyStore)

Angry Birds Board & Card Game

All I can say about this is: It was only a matter of time. (via Nerd Approved)

Alien USB Collectible

This is for all of those people who wanted their own little xenomorph.  Now you can have one albeit a scaled down version.  He also can be plugged into your USB drive and his mouth will open, light up,  and the inner mouth will extend in all of its frightening glory.  It’s kind of cute, in that freaky, scary sort of way.  Best of all….it’s on sale right now!  (via Think Geek)


So apparently every year, this mom gets her daughter a Darth Vader mash-up birthday cake and sends pictures to Cake Wrecks.  One year it was Vader with a few of the Disney Princesses.  Another year it was Vader with Tinkerbell.  The latest, as you can see below was Vader on the back of My Little Pony.  Classic.  The little girl’s name is Sarah and as far as I’m concerned is one of the raddest little girls ever. Click the link to see the other cakes.  (via Cake Wrecks)

Best. Photos. Ever.

I love love love this!  This photo was tweeted by EpixHD, showing the two Kirks arm wrestling.  It should have created some sort of vortex in the space/time continuum, but thankfully the universe is still functioning within normal parameters.  This just made it a little more awesome.  William Shatner has a show called The Captains that will be premiering on Epix on July 21st.  In it, he sits down and interviews all of the captains from the various Star Trek shows/films.  Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula and Chris Pine were all on hand for the interviews.  Apparently this little arm wrestling match was Shatner’s idea to be a bit of an ice-breaker for Pine since he was a bit nervous about the whole thing.  Well played Bill. Well played indeed. (via /film)

Here’s another morsel of kick ass for you.  This guy, 74 year-old great gramps Brian Vann shows just how geeky cool he is when he turned his motorized scooter into a smaller….and slower Batmobile.  Imagine being this guy’s grandkids and how fun it would be to ride along with him.  I love that the photo even shows him dressed up in what looks to be old school Adam West-era costume.  Classic.  (via blastr)


This was sent to me by Roomie’s mom asking me to guess what the commercial was for.  So I started watching it and had no clue until the very end, then I laughed.  The advertising people behind this are pretty crafty.  The title on the video gives it away unfortunately, but it’s still worth a watch.

This is pretty freaking awesome.  The lobby shoot-out scene from The Matrix, but the audio has been replaced and done A Capella.  This guy is pretty rad because he even includes the sounds from all of the weapons.  And hearing people simulate gunfire with “pew pew pew” just makes me laugh.

Random News & Tidbits

Check out this amazing 46 photo slide show showing Endeavors final mission to the ISS and her crew’s final space walk.

From what I’ve seen the general consensus is that Transformers 3 really sucks balls.  I’m going to be part of the problem and give some money to this atrocity since I’ll probably see it this weekend.  Look for the review next week.

Casting Rumor: Former Dr. Who, Christopher Eccleston is rumored to play a role in the second season of Game of Thrones.  That’s some casting I can get behind.

What can you build with 50,000 Legos?  How about a 5′ 9″ tall replica of Sauron’s Dark Tower from The Lord of the Rings.  Impossible you say? Not according to this guy that actually did it!

A haptic GPS belt to remote control soldiers.  Sounds pretty crazy, but could be beneficial.  As long as they don’t start using robot soldiers.  That’s what happened with the original Cylons and we all know how that turned out.

I’m going to leave you with that.  I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July.  And for God’s sake, be careful out there.

Final Thought:

Remember when summers meant that there was absolutely NOTHING on television but repeats.  My DVR is working harder now than it did in the fall.  Times are a changin’.

Have something that is Goodie Wrap worthy?  Send me a link and tell me all about it by clicking here.

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  1. Too bad the title was on the vido for the Dirt Devil…it wasn’t there on mine so I had no idea what was coming at me..
    good ad!
    Great weekly wrap up!

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